“I wish I had another child for you to work with.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2014

“Putting the time in that the class required really paid off.  My scores improved tremendously and I was able to see real improvement over a short period of time.”  Student, Urban Class of 2014

“I can't imagine a better tutor than Naomi!  She is organized and efficient, and relates well to students and adults.  My son looked forward to each meeting with her.  She knew exactly where to focus and how to help him...in a short time, she enabled him to increase his test scores dramatically.  We were thrilled with the results! We highly recommend her!!! “  Parent, University HS Class of 2014

“Naomi was great.  She made every minute of the tutoring session count.  She struck a great balance between being serious and demanding yet firm and friendly.  She gave great feedback and guidance to us as parents.  Both my kids used Naomi and my son’s scores improved 450 points!”  Parent, University HS Class of 2014

“Naomi taught me the necessary strategies so that I could enter the test feeling confident and prepared for almost any problem.”  Student, University HS Class of 2014

“I wish I had another child for you to work with.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2014

“Naomi not only gets results, she does it in a way that makes the student appreciate the work and the result.  She leads them to get the best out of themselves in standardized testing."  Parent, University HS Class of 2014

“Naomi is extremely efficient and productive.  She gives you tools that help with all the problems and makes you feel confident going into the test.”  Student, University HS Class of 2014

“Naomi taught our student how to approach the test and gave him a game plan that increased his confidence.  Extremely helpful and efficient.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2014

“Naomi was a great tutor. Her depth of knowledge and experience with the SAT makes her able to identify weaknesses of a student and fix them. “  Student, University HS Class of 2014 

“I did WAY better on the ACT than I ever expected.”  Student, Tam HS Class of 2014

“I think I learned a ton about test-taking.  I used to be a bit skeptical about learning how to take tests, but now that I’ve received your guidance and I’ve seen myself improve, I couldn’t be more satisfied.”  Student, Tam HS Class of 2014

“Our tutor did a great job working with our son to prepare him for the SAT.  She knows her stuff.”  Parent, Tam HS Class of 2014 

“Working with Naomi, my son’s scores improved dramatically.  He was able to achieve 98th percentile on his PSAT, up from 50th percentile sophomore year, and 93rd on his ACT.  She knows exactly how to focus her students on achieving optimal results.”  Parent, Tam HS Class of 2014

 “Naomi is an approachable and versatile tutor who was able to turn the task of taking the SAT into a manageable and un-daunting endeavor.”  Student, SI Class of 2014

“Naomi is an effective and diligent teacher who communicates well with both student and parent.”  Parent, SI Class of 2014

“Naomi is professional, knowledgeable, and dependable.  She pinpointed the areas that my son needed to focus on and helped him understand concepts he needed a little extra help with.  Naomi is excellent about providing parents with information about her work with their child.”  Parent, San Rafael HS Class of 2014

“Naomi worked with our daughter for about 9 months off and on while they prepped for two SAT’s and subject area SAT II’s.  Naomi has a terrific way of connecting with students, making them feel both encouraged and responsible for their success.  Our daughter experienced a 350-point gain from her first test to her final SAT and now is in the running for some of the more elite schools she is applying to.  Naomi provided immediate feedback via email to me after each study session which helped us all stay on the same page with respect to what to focus on, what progress had been attained, and what communication she delivered to my daughter.  This experience was 100% satisfying and effective from the initial consultation through the final session a few days before the last SAT my daughter took.  Great Work, Naomi!!”  Parent, San Rafael HS Class of 2014

“Naomi’s guidance, knowledge, and persistence set me on the right track to confidently overcome my previously unsatisfying SAT scores.  After scoring 320 points higher, I can’t thank her enough!”  Student, San Marin HS Class of 2014

“My son worked with Naomi on SAT and ACT prep.  She was a godsend.  Got him going, kept him motivated, and helped improve his scores through the entire process.  She was fantastic about communicating with me and really helped bring out the best in him.  I can’t recommend her enough!”  Parent, Redwood HS Class of 2014

“We highly recommend the tutoring services of Swell Education.  The personalized service, tailored to our needs, was a nice contrast to the “big box” feeling of other tutoring services.”  Parent, Redwood HS Class of 2014

“I had a caring, friendly, and educated tutor who really cared about my success.”  Student, Redwood HS Class of 2014

“We had a great tutor.  She made me feel comfortable and prepared for the SAT.”  Student, Redwood HS Class of 2014

“Naomi is organized, thoughtful, and extremely professional.  She satisfied the needs of this parent, providing helpful information about the process and the progress of the student.  More importantly, she worked extremely well with our son and motivated him through his preparation.  Thank you!”  Parent, Redwood HS Class of 2014

“Naomi has been an all around asset to our daughter’s test taking adventure.  Not only is she a terrific teacher, she keeps in touch with her throughout the process and truly cares about each student.”  Parent, Redwood HS Class of 2014

“Naomi has made the test-taking process an overall better experience.  Not only have I become a better test-taker, but also now enjoy conquering a test.”  Student, Redwood HS Class of 2014

“Naomi provided my son with structure and focused practice so that he could practice effectively at home.  He had so much confidence going into the test that he could concentrate exclusively on the questions and was not plagued by stress and anxiety.  His work sessions with her were efficient and an excellent use of his time.”  Parent, Redwood HS Class of 2014

“You improved my score greatly and helped me feel comfortable about taking the test.”  Student, Redwood HS Class of 2014

 “My son worked with Naomi on SAT & ACT prep.  She was a godsend--got him going, kept him motivated and helped improve his scores through the entire process.  She was fantastic about communicating with me and really helped bring out the best in him.   I can’t recommend her enough!!”  Parent, Redwood HS Class of 2014 

“You really helped me get ready for the SAT and I felt confident going into it because of how prepared I was.”  Student, Redwood HS Class of 2014

“Naomi helped my child understand how to take the SAT from a strategy perspective.   It’s not just taking a test, it’s the knowledge of how to approach it.”  Parent, Marin Catholic Class of 2014

“The program was really organized and got me prepared to do my best.”  Student, Marin Academy Class of 2014

“Our tutor was amazing—encouraging and supportive tutoring without pressure.  She was patient and calm and very hands on.  She was able to identify areas my daughter needed help in and she delivered focused attention in those areas.  She was a joy to work with.”  Parent, Marin Academy Class of 2014

“Josh is a great guy—makes learning a lot of fun.”  Student, Marin Academy Class of 2014

“The tutors are all highly qualified and personable and able to relate to the students.  This results in a positive experience so the students actually look forward to the sessions.”  Parent, Marin Academy Class of 2014

“Smooth, seamless, and responsive.  Rheanna was great at providing tricks and strategies for success.  Naomi, I really enjoyed working with you!  You are great at what you do!”  Parent, Lick-Wilmeding Class of 2014

“Naomi is an excellent coordinator of her tutors—efficient, superbly responsive to questions amd concerns…very impressed with quality of tutors and availability of practice test sessions.”  Parent, Lick-Wilmerding Class of 2014

“Naomi’s work with our daughter helped her learn the strategies to improve her scores significantly.  Our daughter felt much better prepared and in control thanks to Naomi’s help.”  Parent, Lick-Wilmerding Class of 2014

“Our tutor has been a pleasure to work with.  She focused on our daughter’s weaker areas and reinforced her strengths. “  Parent, Justin-Siena HS Class of 2014

 “I appreciate how easy you make it to accommodate busy schedules.”  Parent, Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2014

“Over time, each tutoring session rewarded me with a greater understanding and sense of confidence needed to succeed in standardized testing.  Naomi taught me the ins and outs of the test, making sure I had full control of my testing performance.”  Student, Branson Class of 2014

“I appreciate how through you were.  My daughter’s scores improved in all areas.”  Parent, Branson Class of 2014

“Naomi’s coursework is rigorous and our junior was motivated to work hard for her.  As a result his score improvement has been impressive.  We very much hope Naomi will be available in a year’s time for our next child!”  Parent, Branson Class of 2014

“Naomi has been patient and efficient in teaching me all the necessary skills required to succeed on the SAT.  In just two months, my score has improved by 21%.”  Student, Branson Class of 2014

“Naomi is energetic and passionate about what she does.  I am not the best test taker but Naomi made the experience a positive one for me.”  Student, Branson Class of 2014

“Naomi is excellent at working with kids of all types and learning styles.  We have felt confident as we have gone through the rigorous testing process.”  Parent, Branson Class of 2014

“Naomi helped break down the process into manageable pieces.  Both our children improved dramatically working with Naomi.”  Parent, Branson Class of 2014

“Naomi helped me refine my test-taking technique and move my score up tremendously.  I’m so glad I used Swell Education and know my score would be much lower without it!”  Student, Branson Class of 2014

“You helped my daughter jump at least 200 points on the SAT.”  Parent, Branson Class of 2014