“Naomi is very thoughtful and cares very much about the students.”  Parent, Branson HS Class of 2015

“Alexis is relatable and understandable.  She made every concept simple and comprehensive.” Student, Branson HS Class of 2015

“Naomi was very direct and inspiring.  Her attitude about the material helped me change my mindset about approaching the SAT.”  Student, Branson HS Class of 2015

“Naomi’s warm yet direct manner helps to focus and encourage the nervous test-takers.”  Parent, Branson HS Class of 2015

“Swell Education was an amazingly worthwhile investment in my daughter’s future.  Her instructor was a treasure, with a talent and passion for tutoring that inspired my daughter to excel.  Swell Education exceeded my expectations.  I was hoping for a 200 point bump in my daughter’s scores.  They went up more than 300 points.  Naomi Zell was thorough with her feedback, professional, and quick to return my calls and emails.  I would highly recommend Swell Education.”  Parent, Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2015

“Catherine was able to inspire and motivate my daughter.  She gave her a lot of confidence.”  Parent, Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2015

“Using the many useful strategies that I learned through Swell, I was confident on the test day and significantly raised my score."  Student, Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2015

“Thorough tutoring that quite obviously improved my score and skills in test-taking.  Tutor and I were a great fit!”  Student, Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2015

"I saw my scores jump very fast in just a few weeks, and I give all the credit to Naomi, who helped me more than I ever expected.”  Student, Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2015

“Naomi provides an excellent tutoring service through Swell Education!  Not only was our daughter matched with an appropriate tutor, but as parents we were kept informed in a clear, organized, and timely manner.  Junior year can be very hectic, so having Naomi’s guidance and scheduling reminders was incredibly helpful to us!  We also appreciated the fact that our daughter came into the tutoring arena rather late for the spring tests, yet, with asolid routine and timing, improved her ACT scores by 6 points—having a focused plan and understanding of the test is critical for success, and Naomi and her tutors excel at this!”  Parent, Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2015

“Naomi Zell and Swell Education provide an outstanding serviceThe skills they presented led to confidence and great test scores for both my children.”  Parent, Lick-Wilmerding Class of 2015

“This tutoring was super helpful in giving me strategies especially for critical reading that aren’t in my books.  It was also really helpful to have someone to talk about essay planning and scoring with.”  Student, Lick-Wilmerding Class of 2015

“I always found standardized tests extremely nerve-racking but your methods have really helped for these tests and many more to come and given me a lot more self confidence! Thanks so much.”  Student, Lick-Wilmerding Class of 2015

“My son’s tutor was excellent.  He knew a great deal about the SAT.  He directed sessions to meet specific goals and analyzed strengths and weaknesses.  We were very happy with the SAT score and our experience with Swell Education.”  Parent, Maria Carillo Class of 2015

“Both of my children worked with Rheanna—one for SSAT prep and the other for SAT prep.  She had a good working relationship with them and me, provided comprehensive, detailed, and pragmatic feedback to them and me, and ultimately helped them improve their performance on their respective tests!”  Parent, Marin Academy Class of 2015

“It seemed as if you really cared how my child did on the test.  Naomi’s knowledge of the whole process is extremely helpful.”  Parent, Marin Academy Class of 2015

“Great tutor—very helpful and very efficient!”  Student, Mercy HS Class of 2015

“Brittany has worked very well with our daughter and has improved her score significantly from the PSAT.”  Parent, Mercy HS Class of 2015

“Not only did my scores improve, but I felt confident that I was well-prepared for the test.”  Student, Redwood Class of 2015

“Tutoring with Swell helped assess preparedness for the ACT and provide opportunities to review one on one.  This was helpful in building confidence before the test.”  Parent, Redwood Class of 2015

“Alexis was very easy to work with and I felt very confident.”  Student, Redwood Class of 2015

“Naomi definitely targets what you’re good and bad at and she works proportionately to improve all subjects in the tests.”  Student, Redwood Class of 2015

“Naomi has helped two of my sons prep for the ACT.  The preparation was thorough and showed in their scores.  We’ve been very pleased.”  Parent, Redwood Class of 2015

“Swell Education is a professional organization.  Our tutor, Catherine, was fantastic.  She provided just the right amount of authority, encouragement, and “over the top” knowledge to give my son the tools he needed to do his best on the ACT.”  Parent, Redwood Class of 2015

“This tutoring helped me feel more confident and prepared me for my test.  Mu tutor was helpful in the areas that I needed and I don’t think she could have done anything more or better for me.  I had a great experience with Swell.”  Student, Tam HS Class of 2015

“Swell is an excellent service with professional and competent tutors.”  Parent, Tam HS Class of 2015

“Naomi now has worked with both of my sons, one who is a natural test taker w/ poor study habits, and the other who has strong study habits but less natural testing aptitude.  With her help, both sons’ improved their scores by at least 200 pts.  She is extremely skilled at demystifying the test, building skills and developing a rapport that motivates effort.”  Parent, Tam HS Class of 2015

“I have never felt more confident and prepared for a standardized test.”  Student, University High School Class of 2015

“Our daughter went from struggling with the SAT to doing very well on the ACT, which is opening the door to the kind of colleges that will be great for her.  She wouldn’t be there but for Naomi.”  Parent, University Class of 2015

“Naomi and her team provided excellent support to my daughter.  She ended up only having to take the test one time thanks to all the helpful prep work.  This freed her up to focus on her academics!”  Parent, University HS Class of 2015

“Our daughter went from practically trembling with fear over taking the SAT to real calm and confidence taking the ACT -- and being steered to taking the right test was part of that success.  Just a few months ago neither of us would have believed that she would have scored so high on an entrance exam.  Now it is behind her and she is right where she needs to be! Notch up another success for your firm!”  Parent, University HS Class of 2015

“I have always struggled with the reading section, but Naomi helped me raise my reading score by over 100 points by practicing the correct strategies.”  Student, University HS Class of 2015

“My son was engaged throughout the entire process because Naomi made it interesting and engaging. He improved because he finally understood the strategy.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2015

“Naomi and those who work with her helped my son improve his SAT scores dramatically.  Everyone we have met at Swell Education is organized and smart and makes the test prep process as enjoyable and stress free as possible.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2015

“If you consider the impact of the SAT on your child’s college choices, the time, effort, and resources applied to Swell Education are well worth it.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2015

“I appreciated the targeted and individualized approach that Josh took in helping our daughter prepare for the SAT.  He was extremely efficient, effective, and supportive throughout the process.  Most importantly, my daughter’s attitude towards the SAT became more positive after interacting with Josh.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2015

“The program is extremely helpful and an overall positive experience that prepared me well for the SAT.”  Student, University HS Class of 2015

“Naomi will work at whatever pace and difficulty you want.  In the end she makes sure you are prepared for the test and will reach your score goal.”  Student, Urban HS Class of 2015