“I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done! It was great working with you and I learned so many more new tactics to conquer the SAT. I can't say this enough, but I am so thankful for your help.”  Student, Bay School Class of 2013

“You seemed like a perfect match for our daughter. You provided very clear and specific helpful strategies-- how to approach the essay question, how many questions she could get wrong.  Most importantly, you gave her a reason to be optimistic.  She works so hard in school and gets good grades.  Standardized tests were her obstacle to getting into the schools she really wanted.”  Parent, Bay School Class of 2013

“Naomi is the most adorable tutor I have ever worked with.  She is so kind and really does care about my success.  She really was the one individual that allowed me to be as successful as I was at the ACT.”  Student, Branson HS Class of 2013

“Naomi was wonderful!  Very down to earth, professional, clear communicator with parent and child, a trusted tutor for my daughter to relax and work with. The right amount of push and fire ignited under my daughter—but never too stern.  Understands it’s hard to balance all the pulls junior/senior year.  Made her feel confident going into test!”  Parent, Branson HS Class of 2013

“The strategies for each section were really helpful and allowed me to answer hard questions easily.”  Student, Branson HS Class of 2013

“Excellent organization and structure during sessions.  I appreciated follow up communication following each session.”  Parent, Branson HS Class of 2013

“Our son’s SAT scores surpassed his college counselor’s expectations.  Naomi’s strategies and insight to taking the SAT were invaluable.  She was able to relate and connect with him to maximize his potential.”  Parent, Branson HS Class of 2013

“The instruction was extremely helpful and every time I walked out of the sessions I felt like they were productive and motivating.”  Student, Branson HS Class of 2013”

“Naomi has done a great job working with my son to get him ready for the SATs.”  Parent, Branson HS Class of 2013

“Naomi did a great job preparing my son for all his tests and working with him to get the best scores he possibly could.”  Parent, Branson HS Class of 2013

“My son is not the type who studies for standardized tests on his own.  Working one-on-one with Naomi motivated him to do his test prep homework between sessions, and the sessions themselves were, in his words, “actually helpful and kind of fun.”  The proof was in the pudding: his already relatively high scores jumped 200 points.” Parent, Branson HS Class of 2013

“Naomi was perfect through the whole process.  My son learned the skills to succeed on the SAT,  She was both compassionate and flexible also serious about the process, so my son was more than happy to study for the test.  Working with Naomi has been the best decision we’ve made in the whole college process!”  Parent, Branson HS Class of 2013

“Our tutor was incredibly patient and thoughtful in working to improve SSAT test taking and confidence.”  Parent, CAIS Class of 2013

“I would recommend to anybody.”  Student, CAIS Class of 2013

“I really enjoyed working with Naomi and she was very patient with my questions.”  Student, Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2013

“Our tutor was great—very patient, smart, and really customized the tutoring to what my daughter needed.  A pleasure to work with.”  Parent, Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2013

“I felt very prepared for my SAT.  Swell made sure I went in and didn’t face any surprises.”  Student, Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2013

“Naomi Zell is an expert in the study of the SAT.  She improved my son’s score; however, what I most appreciate was her close partnership with my son.”  Parent, Deerfield Academy Class of 2013

“Naomi Zell is everything you would want in an SAT tutor.  We tried out several before Naomi – so I know she is the best.  She has a real talent for relating to teenagers, deconstructing and de-stressing the test, evaluating where the kids are, and taking them a long way with an organized “doable” approach.  My son reacted so positively to her method.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!”  Parent, Deerfield Academy Class of 2013

“Naomi did a fantastic job of instilling SAT related techniques and study patterns which I used to better my overall score.  She is worth every penny due to her vast knowledge concerning standardized tests.  Her attitude was great, and I enjoyed stuff that wasn’t even fun.”  Student, Deerfield Academy Class of 2013

“My daughter was very happy with her work with Swell.  She found the tutoring style to be organized and clear.  We would recommend Swell to anyone who is focused on improving their scores.”  Parent, Drew HS Class of 2013

“Swell is proactive, responsive, and keenly interested in my daughter’s progress and success.  Thank you!”  Parent, Drew HS Class of 2013

“The tutoring helped my daughter to learn how to strategize taking the SAT.  Her scores rose from 2000 to 2230.  “  Parent, Lick-Wilmerding Class of 2013

“Naomi is great at cracking the SAT specifically for you.  She personalizes your test goals so you know exactly how many problems per section you can omit in order to achieve your goal.”  Student, Lick-Wilmerding Class of 2013

“We appreciate responsiveness to daughter’s inquiries and your supportive nature in this process.”  Parent, Lick-Wilmerding Class of 2013

“Our tutor was great—friendly, knowledgeable, and she’ll teach at your pace.  My score improved by about 200 points, and I can’t thank Swell enough.”  Student, Lowell HS Class of 2013

“Naomi knows everything there is to know about testing, all the tips and tricks for success, and translates them flawlessly to her students.  I had more fun learning from her than I do talking to friends on the phone most of the time.  The work seemed easy and was certainly worth the reward.”  Student, Marin Academy Class of 2013

“Naomi is a terrific tutor—knowledgeable, prepared, flexible, fun, and caring.  My son took the ACT once—and was done!”  Parent, Marin Academy Class of 2013

“My score improved exponentially, and I was very happy with the help I received on strategy and time management.”  Student, Marin Academy Class of 2013

“Working with Naomi was an excellent experience for our daughter.  She was very thorough and analytical and has complete knowledge of the SAT and ACT.  Not only did our daughter improve her test scores, but she gained confidence that she could achieve test scores that reflected the strong student she is in the classroom.”  Parent, Marin Academy Class of 2013

“Naomi was not only able to increase my skills and foundations in math, but also my confidence, which is the most important mindset when taking the test.  No other SAT tutor was able to do both so well.”  Student, Marin Academy Class of 2013

“Naomi was super helpful.  We never got distracted and I liked her systematic approach to SAT tutoring.”  Student, Marin Academy Class of 2013

“Naomi understood exactly what I needed to better my scores and always gave great advice.”  Student, Marin Academy Class of 2013

“Naomi is very conscientious regarding flexibility of scheduling, communication, and follow up.”  Parent, Marin Academy Class of 2013

“My daughter’s score improved 20 percentile points from just 5 sessions with Naomi.”  Parent, Marin Country Day School Class of 2013

“Naomi works with you to improve the areas that need to be better based on diagnostic tests.  She knows what tools are needed to succeed on the SAT, and she does everything possible to prepare you.”  Student, Mercy HS Class of 2013

“Tutoring for our daughter with Naomi was well worth it.  She identified her strong points and areas she needed help with.  Gave practice tests to my daughter so she would know what to expect.  I would recommend Naomi to tutor your child.”  Parent, Mercy HS Class of 2013

“I walked in to the SAT as if I were just going to lunch.  I was relaxed and ready—I had seen every question thrown at my in some form or another already.  Nothing was a surprise or a shock; I had tackled it all before.  These sessions have also been extremely helpful for school.  My writing and grammar have improved immensely!”  Student, Montgomery HS Class of 2013

“My daughter felt so comfortable with the SAT that by the time she took the test we had already overcome one of the biggest obstacles, fear.  She took the SAT feeling relaxed, prepared, and confident.”  Parent, Montgomery HS Class of 2013

“Swell was terrific—professional, goal-oriented, kind, and on time.”  Parent, The Putney School Class of 2013

“When I first heard Naomi’s hourly rate, I gulped.  But one session with her demonstrated why she’s worth it.  Two months later, my son took the SAT and improved 200 points in Reading and Writing.  He only needed to take it once, so Naomi saved us a lot of money in the end!”  Parent, Redwood HS Class of 2013

“Naomi worked well with my daughter.  She helped her determine which test was better for her, gave appropriate and specific homework, and most importantly, instilled confidence.  Naomi is thorough, organized, and intelligent.  You know your child is in good hands with her.”  Parent, Redwood HS Class of 2013

“Naomi provided me with specific strategies and ways to approach the test that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.  I went into the test knowing I had all the tools to do well.”  Student, Redwood HS Class of 2013

“I found Naomi extraordinarily helpful throughout the SAT process and felt very prepared for the test.”  Student, Redwood HS Class of 2013

“Naomi has been fabulous in structuring an accommodating schedule to assist our son who is a competitive athlete.”  Parent, Redwood HS Class of 2013

"Naomi raised my writing score over 100 points and was so professional with her teaching methods. She knew exactly how to diagnose what I needed to do to improve and had the perfect game plan to solve my test problems. I strongly recommend her if you want to get a good score. If not, don't bother."  Student, Redwood HS Class of 2013

“Great one on one help who teaches you what to expect on the SAT.”  Student, Redwood HS Class of 2013

“Naomi did a great job working with our student to prepare for the SAT.  She kept him motivated and he entered the test prepared and confident.  We plan to use Naomi’s services for our younger children and will definitely recommend her to others.”  Parent, Redwood HS Class of 2013

“I saw my scores climb after every meeting and felt extremely prepared for the test.”  Student, Redwood Class of 2013

“My tutor was very good at explaining how to fix my mistakes and helped me to improve my confidence while taking the test.”  Student, SI Class of 2013

“I am really grateful for Naomi’s help.  I learned a lot, and because of her, I was able to receive the score I wanted.”  Student, SI Class of 2013

“Doing well on the SAT is as much about test taking as it is about subject knowledge.  Naomi is effective teaching both.  My son realized how helpful she was after the first session and credits her with improving his score by 200 points.”  Parent, SI Class of 2013

“Naomi is an excellent tutor!  I raised my SAT score by over 300 points.  She breaks the sections into manageable parts allowing for a deep understanding.”  Student, SI Class of 2013

“Naomi assessed my son’s needs expertly and tailored services to meet those needs.  Having wasted much time, effort, and money on SAT test prep for our older daughter to no real positive result – the experience with Naomi was the polar opposite.  She is professional, well-informed, and a pleasure to work with.”  Parent, SI Class of 2013

“My score greatly improved through your strategies and help.”  Student, SI Class of 2013

“After taking the SAT three times under the tutelage of a different tutoring company and not improving, our son switched to Naomi Zell.  On day one we knew her approach was different and sensible.  Our son’s scores improved dramatically on his next SAT.  Thank you Naomi.”  Parent, SI Class of 2013

“Naomi made our sessions extremely convenient and worked to fit my personal schedule. I felt very prepared for the ACT, and I highly recommend Naomi!”  Student, SI Class of 2013

“The quality of the instructors is top-notch.  They are competent and professional.  I’ve enjoyed all of them.”  Parent, St. Andrew’s School Class of 2014

“Swell effectively provided structure and guidance to my daughter to help her improve upon her confidence and overall performance on the SSAT.  Communications were comprehensive, detailed, and frequent enough to keep me well informed of my daughter’s weekly focus and performance.”  Parent, Saint Mark’s Class of 2013

“Swell provided me with great advice.”  Student, Saint Mark’s Class of 2013

“After my son’s first session with Naomi, I asked him what he thought.  His response was “Mom, it’s the first time that I have worked with a tutor that I didn’t look at my watch!” Thank you for everything.”  Parent, St. Paul’s School Class of 2013

“Our tutor was excellent, very organized, and provided our daughter with concrete strategies for taking the SAT.”  Parent, SOTA Class of 2013

“Swell exudes confidence and helps students develop not only skills for the test, but confidence as well.”  Parent, Stuart Hall HS Class of 2013

“My tutor was amazing.  I really learned a lot and did way better after meeting with her.”  Student, Stuart Hall HS Class of 2013

“She SAT me down and taught be everything I needed to know, how to ACT.”  Student, Tam HS Class of 2013

“My tutor was extremely focused and attentive.  She analyzed my son’s practice test results carefully and tailored lessons.”  Parent, Tam HS Class of 2013

“I greatly improved my test scores without a great deal of stress.”  Student, Tam HS Class of 2013

“I expect Naomi Zell is one of a very few who can help provide a boost to students who are already top performers.  Our son was a strong student and test-taker to begin with, including a PSAT above 220 and A’s in several AP classes.  Naomi was able to quickly assess the gaps in his knowledge base, critical thinking, and test taking skills, and she provided effective techniques for closing those gaps.  The result was that he boosted his SAT to over 2300 and now has a much better shot at some of the elite colleges he is targeting.”  Parent, Terra Linda Class of 2013 

“Naomi helped me a lot with everything from study habits to useful tools and tricks that are not only helpful on the SAT, but also in test-taking throughout school.”  Student, University HS Class of 2013

“Naomi is an extremely gifted tutor. She is thoroughly knowledgeable with all of the material and able to motivate her students to truly excel.  She has a unique combination of brilliance, an appreciation for all learning styles, and a patient, caring approach.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2013

“I would absolutely recommend Naomi to any student looking to prep for any of the standardized tests.  She will work at your own pace and will bring up the scores with ease.”  Student, University HS Class of 2013

“My son has improved, thanks to Naomi, tremendously.  Her professionalism and extra amount of caring was excellent.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2013

“Naomi has helped me improve a lot on my SAT test taking abilities, and my improvement from before tutoring and after is clearly visible.”  Student, University HS Class of 2013

“I truly believe that the work Naomi did greatly contributed to my son’s success. The improvement in his scores is a direct result of her efforts. She also brought out his desire to achieve success.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2013    

“The time our daughter spent working with Naomi was of great value.  She went into the test feeling confident and well-prepared.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2013

“Naomi challenged the kids to perform well on their SAT prep at the same time she was understanding of their class workloads and schedules.  My son really wanted to work hard for her.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2013

“Naomi demystified the SAT.  By reviewing the same type of problems it became clear that there was a formula, and from there she and I were able to tackle the problem efficiently.”  Student, University HS Class of 2013

“My daughter’s reading scores improved 100 points and math by 60 points, as a result of tutoring with Naomi.  I wish I had started my daughter earlier and not bothered with the group class she did at [Company].”  Parent, University HS Class of 2013

“Naomi was able to prepare me for the SAT well enough to stop taking it after the first try, while still having scores that are more than acceptable everywhere I applied.  Easily the most effective and painless way to prepare.”  Student, University HS Class of 2013

“Naomi was thorough and was able to parse out what needed to be done, saving time for our student, which enabled her to be efficient in her prep and her school schedule.”  Parent, University HS Class of 2013

“I really enjoyed working with Naomi.  The sessions were very effective in preparing me for the SAT and she really managed our time well.”  Student, University HS Class of 2013

 “Naomi consistently provided feedback on my daughter’s progress.  She helped my daughter set a realistic achievement goal and gave her the tools to meet this goal.  She also built my daughter’s confidence to meet her goal.”  Parent, Urban School Class of 2013